The SPRING London digital division combine strategic thinking with in-house expertise in creating effective 'on brand' campaigns. Continue reading


Digital has been essential to our client’s campaigns since our opening in April 2009 and a key supporting strength in the work we do for our clients. From both the fashion and the high end luxury perspective, digital innovation, PR campaigns and integrated communication are essential in order to reach the new generation of inquisitive and savvy consumers who have an insatiable appetite for these platforms.

We believe in people before technology. It’s about real people and honest connections. It’s about sharing ideas and shaping opinions. The digital world is both engaging and interactive, it can create new and unexpected relationships and is a powerful tool for sharing your stories and ideas to a global audience. Creating a conversation, a conversation which can be had on a local, national and international level. We use our expertise in traditional PR, coupled with our knowledge of digital marketing to reach a variety of media tastemakers and influencers.
Working closely alongside brands, we find a story that can be promoted across all digital platforms, helping our clients make sense of the virtual landscape. We learn what’s being said, by whom and where.

SPRING work across a variety of media platforms, along with bloggers and digital influencers, with the aim of amplifying brand awareness. Believing that audience engagement initiatives are key in creating lasting consumer relationships – we look to new modes of expression, constantly seeking to enhance brand appeal.

Whilst our client relationships are key, we take a new approach to this traditional rapport, offering a tailored, in-house approach for each of the brands that we represent. By doing so, we excel at combining traditional PR with digital marketing and expertise, making it seamless and consistent.