Over the past decade, digital PR strategies have seen an unprecedented transformation and it has never been more important to remain at the forefront of this. Continue reading

The Digital Division

At SPRING London we endeavour to stay at the helm of where digital communications are now, whilst quickly adapting to where they may be in the future, constantly striving to keep our clients ahead of this continuously changing paradigm of digital communication.

Our PR and media strategies are no longer viewed as ONLINE / OFFLINE but rather as communication streams that cover all aspects to include publishing houses, online platforms, bloggers, social media, digital content creation, online sales in various new and exciting ways and the ever increasingly important issues around digital comms – consumer interactivity, vloggers and mobile technology.
Our goal is to maximise our clients’ placement across digital platforms and to enhance their visibility, in addition to promoting and driving users to all their social media channels and main .com site. A site which we believe should be treated as the most important global flagship store.

It is true that digital has irrevocably changed everything and democratised fashion and luxury goods. We ensure that our clients work in this area is, very importantly, kept on brand and on message while utilising the tools in an appropriate way – reaching new customers in new territories in a way which was not previously possible.